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WordPress For iPhone Gets A Much Needed Update

A few days ago, the popular blogging tool WordPress released a much needed update to their iPhone application. The main features included in the update were:

  • Landscape mode for writing posts – This is a huge one. It was a total pain in the butt writing blog posts with the vertical keyboard
  • Page Editing/Creation – Meh… How often do you do this?
  • Comment Moderation – Very excited about this feature. I love being able to check out comments quickly without loading my entire blog.
  • Photo resizing – Very cool option. Makes photo uploads go much quicker.

If you have both an iPhone AND a WordPress blog (your own host or, I would highly suggest downloading the WordPress iPhone app for blogging on the go.

Hopefully, having the landscape keyboard mode will motivate me to blog more often.

Click here to download the WordPress application for the iPhone

Top Dugg Story of Today – I hate Dane Cook

LOL, had a post that made it to the top of DIGG today simply titled “I Hate Dane Cook”. That’s freakin hilarious.

Here’s the link.

Free Leaderboard Solution for iPhone Game Developers

What makes most multiplayer games more exciting that single player games? It’s competition! People love to compete with eachother.

And how can competition be achieved in single player games? Leaderboards.

A leaderboard is basically a table ranking players based on their scores in the game. This allows players to see how they stack up against other players.

The Problem

Many programmers either know how to do web development or system development. They don’t know both and certainly don’t know how to integrate the two. This is why I believe there are not more single player games with leaderboards in the App Store.

The Solution

This is where iPhone Leaderboards comes in. It’s an online hosted leaderboard that is incredibly easy to integrate with any iPhone game. The code to integrate with iPhoneLB is given to you to paste directly into your own. It couldn’t be easier.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

Part 3 of iPhone Game Programming Tutorial Posted On iCodeBlog

It’s been a while, but I finally posted part 3 of the iPhone Game Programming tutorial series on The focus of this tutorial was to create a splash page for your game that fades into your game’s main view.

I chose to create this tutorial after seeing many games that just jump right in to the main game play. A splash page makes the game feel more “professional” as well as gives the developer a chance to brand the app by displaying a company logo or something to that extent.

Hopefully, I will be able to get part 4 up in a timely fashion to teach developers how to incorporate sounds into their games.

So, go ahead and check out part 3 of the iPhone Game Programming Tutorial Series.

New Web Application That Will Be Useful For iPhone Games Developers

So, after downloading many iPhone games and talking with a ton of iphone developers, I have a found a huge need in the community. Over the next week I will be developing a killer web application with a web service API that will be free to iPhone developers to use.

I am not going to give out any details at the moment, but be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed as I will be blogging about it through out next week (Spring Break = Time to develop). It should be completed by late next week.

I guarantee, if you are an iPhone game developer, you will benefit tremendously from what I am about to release.

Excited? So am I…