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Alexa Gets a Much Needed Update


If you have a blog/website then you probably have heard of Alexa. If not, you should search your blog in it to find out some interesting stats. Being a stat junkie, I check services like this frequently.

It appears that Alexa has recently updated their interface from their old jenk web .05 hideousness. While it’s not quite web 2.0, I’d say it has a good start as web 1.6 (maybe 1.7 because of the shine on the logo).

On a side note, icodeblog seems to be huge in Canada 😉

WordPress Plugin To Increase Twitter Popularity


If there are two things I love on the intenets, they are WordPress and Twitter. Recently there have been many plugins developed to integrate the two. Mainly, updating your Twitter from your blog or vice-versa. But the question is, do these benefit one another?

Does your Twitter send traffic to your WordPress blog or your WordPress blog get you more followers? Maybe if you are @kevinrose but in my opinion, not really…

I’m currently developing a plugin that will incredibly benenfit your Twitter following using your WordPress blog. It’s called TwitPop and should be available shortly for download. So be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed and check back soon.

Twouble With Twitter Video

Ok, so I am sure you have seen this video by now, but I just had to post it because it’s flippin hilarious.

This perfectly describes mine (and others) Twitter obsession. Kinda sad actually.

"Twouble with Twitter" sous-titré
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Google In Real Life Using Google Classic


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I depend on Google way too much for spell checking, simple math, and looking up things I don’t know off the top of my head.

It’s sad because often my first instinct when handwriting something or even looking for a lost object in my house is to “Google it”.