Tips And Resources For Software Consultants

A Practical Introduction to Blockchain with Python // Adil Moujahid // Data Analytics and more This is one of the most comprehensive tutorials on building your own block chain and learning the underlying technology that I have seen. I absolutely recommend checking it out!

We launched our first every DApp on the Ethereum main net for a client today! This or That? Check it out, answer some questions, and win some ETH!

I had to write a doubly-linked linked-list to represent a priority queue on this project for the first time since college. Guess I'm ready for my whiteboard programmer interview now…

I feel like I need to do a blog series on "getting started" with Ethereum development. The tech changes so frequently and is super scattered around the web. This makes for such a steep learning curve. I would love to contribute my findings to the community. Would anyone read?

Our team has launched our first DApp on the Ethereum test net for a client. Building a solidity / blockchain app has been more fun that anything I have worked on since the early days of iOS dev. I recommend checking out Crypto Zombies if you are interested in learning solidity.